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Title: 2023/8/17 12:37:29
Picked up an order of Shrimp Lo Mein yesterday (8/16). My wife and I shared it yesterday and I had the leftovers today. Near the end I bit into something odd. It turned out to be a metal wire. I saved it.
Title: 2023/5/3 1:06:16
Title: 2022/5/16 16:25:57
5/16/22 ordered Bourbon chicken to go. Was so bad I just tossed it out and it cost me $14.00. The meal was made up of small hard bits of overcooked chicken (I think it was chicken anyway) and a watery sauce with 3 broccoli florets and rice. Way overpriced and barely edible. Not going back there. There are other oriental choices in the Irmo area.
Title: 2022/4/8 18:17:00
We called to the restaurant at 9:00 PM on April 8 2022. And the response from the Receptionist was weird. She started the conversation saying the restaurant will close at 10:30 PM and she is not even in a mood to listen to us. If people have dinner plan to visit this restaurant then it’s better to back off.
Title: 2021/8/28 21:35:25
I went to Sun Ming today. I was not too crowded. Every time I have been there the food and service has been excellent. It was still good today.
Title: 2021/7/18 5:13:34
Sun Ming is the only Chinese restaurant that I go to. Last night, however, was extremely BAD! The plum sauce duck was inedible. It was supposed to be one-half duck. It was served in a bowl. There were TWO legs and various other parts that appeared to have been chopped up with a meat cleaver. The duck was hard to the point of being inedible. I sent the whole thing back to the kitchen and declined to take a replacement. I was.first offered a 20% reduction on my bill, which was an insult. Then the waitress took the full price off my bill. Additionally, the duck was brought to the table ten minutes after the other 3 meals were served. You should take the duck off of your menu if that is the best that you can do with it. Where was the gentleman who normally greets customers as they come in?. I hope he has not sold the restaurant. I hope to see him there in the future.
Title: 2021/3/19 22:41:05
I have always loved Sun Ming. Until today. I ordered the Four Seasons Wonton with house special fried rice. I received a dish with a piece of shrimp, a piece of lobster a few pieces of chicken and huge squares of tofu, the wontons were so hard I couldn't chew them. I also received plain steamed rice instead of the house special fried rice. It was so disappointing. I was so looking forward to it. But couldn't even eat any of it.
Title: 2021/11/4 11:18:22
I love your authentic food. I recently enjoyed “soup dumplings” in New York. Any chance this might be an addition to your menu sometime?
Title: 2020/3/9 1:25:43
Title: 2020/11/15 8:25:08
We ordered from SunMing to be able socially distance with a friend who has been sick. We ordered and paid for jumbo grilled shrimp with mango and received a chicken dish instead. My friend is a vegetarian so she could not eat it. We all ordered our food in the early afternoon for a pick up at 6:15 and the food was not ready until 7:00 pm We love SunMing and live in downtown Columbia so it’s usually worth the drive. Sadly this special occasion wasn’t what we hoped for due to the mistakes.
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